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Xenon Apartments

It is located in a beautiful alley in the center of the old town of Chania next to everything you want to visit. Beautiful traditional building with a breath of old architecture.

Yro Studios

In a very central location in the picturesque alleys of Chania! It is in the heart of the city, while at the same time in a very quiet place while maintaining its privacy.

Mikio Home

Well equipped in a perfect location in the middle of the old town of Chania but not on the main road with excellent architecture and design.


With perfect views of the old port and the old town !!! It is located literally next to the Venetian port.

Casa Topane

2 Bedroom Mansion. Casa Topane is located in the center of Chania, a short distance from the beaches of Nea Chora and Kum Kapi.

Katerina Traditional Rooms

Great location, spacious, and convenient. One of the most beautiful hotels in the center of Chania.

Chania. A city with many stories.

Chania is one of the most beautiful cities in Crete. The whole prefecture of Chania and the city with the Venetian port have unique features that are extremely popular with travelers from around the world and Greece.

If you are looking for Rooms to Let in Χανιά, visit one of our accommodations in the center of the old town.